Yes, Someone Finally Invented A Head Hammock For Napping On Planes And It’s Amazing

You might finally be able to get some damn sleep on the plane.


Sure, “the ultimate travel sleep solution” looks a bit ridiculous … but if it can finally allow us to nap comfortably on a plane, then we don’t really care.

Meet the “NodPod”, aka the head hammock and the answer to your prayers.


The NodPod, a memory foam head pillow that is attached to the headrest of a plane, train or automobile with Velcro, and sits under the chin to support the neck, was created by Paula Blankenship of Heirloom Traditions Paint in Kentucky, after years and years of sleepless work trips.


“The reason it’s hard to rest or sleep while traveling is because you can’t keep your head, neck and back perpendicular and at a 90-degree angle similar to how you sleep in bed at night. So the Nod pillow solves this problem by doing just that”, says Paula.


You can pre-order your NodPod on

Source: Metro