Twitter Is Blowing Up Over The Optical Illusion On This Cat


A photographer under the Twitter handle @hanamomoact has shared an image of a cat that has received thousands of retweets from people enamored with the strange effect that’s been created.

The Japanese photographer, currently living in Al-`Ain in the United Arab Emirates, photographed a peculiar looking cat as it wandered the desert sands.

The cat appears to have a hole perfectly carved into the side of its body.

The strange hollow effect is only evident when the cat, who’s known as “Okaachan” or “Momma”, heads out into the desert environment around their home.

The colors inside the circular spot on the cat’s side perfectly resemble a dark shadow and patch of desert when viewed from a high angle. From the side, however, the shape is so defined it actually resembles a pie chart.

While the hollow effect is enough to stop you in your tracks, it’s easy to see how the image plays with your eyes.