This Tattoo Artist’s Prosthetic Arm Doubles As His Tattoo Gun

The future of prosthetic arms is here … and it looks dope as hell.


A ton of people get tattoos, with each tattoo having it’s own special meaning.

But few tattoos are as special as the ones created by JC Sheitan Tenet.

Why? Because this tattoo artist doesn’t do them by hand. He does them by prosthetic hand.

Take a look below to see what we’re talking about.

Tenet, who is based in Lyon, France, lost his arm 22 years ago.


He received the world’s coolest prosthetic courtesy of French artist JL Gonzal, who modified an existing arm prosthesis to accommodate the tattoo machine.


Sheitan has no problems using the badass mechanism.


The arm itself looks like something straight out of a Bioshock game …


… but has very impressive precision in real life.


Stuff like this makes it seem like it won’t be long till we’ve got fully bionic bodies.


Watch him in action below:

Source: Facebook