This Seemingly Simple Brain Teaser Is Driving Everyone Bananas

Can you solve the fruit brain teaser that’s stumping the Internet?


Since the beginning of time, it’s often the simple things that cause the most mind-bending confusion.

Take this riddle, for instance, that Facebook user Lisa Woelke innocently shared on her Facebook timeline that has been liked over half a million times, shared a little over 180,000 times, and has had a staggering 2.7 million people comment on it, most of them arguing over the answer.

brain teaser

What do you think the answer is?

It seems so simple and so obvious … yet it really isn’t. Because that last line is there to trick you.


Here’s a breakdown of how to get the ACTUAL RIGHT answer.

Obviously, most people can figure out that apples equal “10”.


And from this section, you can come to the conclusion that bananas are worth “4”.


Here, we realize that two halves of a coconut equate to “2”.


So, that makes this last line stupidly simple … “16” right?!



Because if you look closely, there are only “3” bananas in that bunch. And you only get half a coconut in this one, so half a coconut is only worth “1”. Therefore, the correct answer is… 14!

Ain’t life bananas?

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