This Puppy’s Rescue Story Is Guaranteed To Warm Your Heart


A pit bull puppy that was severely burned in a house fire when it was just a few weeks old has become an honorary firefighter and the local mascot at the fire department where the man who rescued him serves.


Hanahan Fire Department firefighter William Lindler, was responding to a call to a burning home in Charleston, South Carolina, when he saw several puppies running out from a “badly burning shed” outside the home.

But one puppy, Jake, who was trying to make his way out, had a piece of the ceiling fall down on top of him. Jake tried to wiggle himself free but backed into a corner and cowered down. That’s when Lindler sprung into action.

“I brought him outside, and he was pretty bad. He wasn’t moving. He wasn’t breathing. I did mouth-to-snout on him, until we could administer oxygen.”

The firefighters took him to an emergency vet and that’s when Jake’s life took a turn for the worse …


Jake had suffered second- and third-degree burns over 70 percent of his body and did not look like he would survive.


But Jake “was a fighter,” and after receiving morphine and antibiotic treatment for more than a month, the pup pulled through.


To make matters worse, Jake’s owners could not afford to pay for the treatments and thus “abandoned him”.


However, the firefighter who rescued Jake from the fire decided to adopt him.


His new family took good care of him and he recovered quickly.


He grew up at the fire station.


He’s even got his own spot in the firetruck.


He even helps out with checking the fire hydrants.


He was also made an official member of the department. Check out his cool badge.


Jake was sworn in as the fire department’s mascot and took a K-9 Oath of Office pledge.


He’s even got his own firefighter’s jacket … that his mother made for him.

Source: Jake’s Page

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