This Little Secret Will Change The Way You Cook For Life


Slicing up an onion is not easy and always seems to literally bring us to tears. Well, now you too can cut onions like a professional chef, thanks to this video that shows an effective technique using a large hair pick with multiple stainless steel prongs to ensure uniform slices.

It’s a well-kept cooking secret that a hair pick can be used to keep your veggies stable while slicing.

If you’re in the mood for onion rings, simply make even cuts in between the metal prongs and insert the rings into the sizzling batter. But if you need your onions diced, just insert the pick into a halved onion and cut the sides down from one end to the other.

Just when you thought cutting onions was your most dreaded kitchen activity, this onion hack saves the day!

You can also use this handy food-prep tool to slice tomatoes and cucumbers for salads and lemons and limes for drinks.

Your slices will be the talk of the town!

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