This Guy Photoshops His Dog Into A Massive Giant And It’s Hilarious


Have you ever wondered what having a GIANT dog would look like in real life?

Well, thanks to Chris Cline … we no longer have to wonder.

Cline, a photographer from Virginia, was left feeling pretty homesick and “sliding into a sad place in life” when he moved from Virginia to Minnesota.

So, his girlfriend, noticing how sad he seemed, decided to treat him to a present – a Goldendoodle, named Juji.


At first, it wasn’t the best present he could have received, as Chris wasn’t especially fond of dogs. But, the adorable pup completely won him over as Juji soon ended up being his best four-legged friend, and … his biggest inspiration.

In these surreal photos, this dynamic duo take all sorts of fun photos together, and Cline uses Photoshop to magnify his 1-year-old Goldendoodle into one monstrously-sized pooch.

BTW, in real life, Juji weighs only about 100 pounds.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all the fun they have.