This Grandfather Cut His Face Off With A Chainsaw And Then Drove Himself To The Hospital


A 68-year-old grandfather accidentally sliced his face in half with a chainsaw and drove himself to the hospital after “tying his head together.”


Bill Singleton, was chopping wood on his property in Ballarat, near Melbourne, Australia, when he lost control of his chainsaw on May 6.

The farmer, who looked like “something out of a science fiction movie”, desperately made his way to his car and started driving to the nearest hospital because he was unable to call for an ambulance after slicing his tongue in half.

This incredible X-ray shows the shattered face of farmer Bill Singleton.


An X-ray of of the farmer’s head shows the huge hole that was cut into his face by the chainsaw, which went as far back as his wisdom teeth.

This gruesome post-surgery photo shows just how close grandfather Bill Singleton was to dying.


Mr Singleton is back at home recovering, and said he will continue to work with chainsaws in future.

Say what?!