This Couple Couldn’t Decide Which Dog To Save So They Bought The Entire Shelter

Grab your tissues, people.


What’s the only logical course of action when you visit a run down animal shelter and can’t decide which dog to save? You buy the entire shelter, apparently.

Meet Danielle Eden and Rob Scheinberg, a married couple from Israel, living in Canada, who founded the Dog Tales rescue shelter in King City, Canada.

couple buys dog shelter

The shelter, located on 50 acres just outside of Toronto, focuses on rehabilitating elderly, abused, and disabled dogs that are usually the last to find homes.

It features walking trails, large fenced-in paddocks, and therapy pools for the dogs. The dogs are also walked eight times a day.

dog tales toronto

Danielle and Rob visit shelters all over the world to save dogs in need. They usually make a list of 10 to 20 dogs with serious medical needs and bring them back to Dog Tales where they can care for them.

When the couple recently visited a shelter in Israel, the situation was different.

dog shelter

The shelter was infested with rats, the dogs had ticks and sores all over their bodies, and they were crammed into kennels. For food, they were thrown loaves of bread to eat, and left to fight over them.


Apparently they had seen enough at this so-called shelter, so they did something remarkable: they bought the entire shelter and all 250 of its dogs on the spot!

25 dogs were fit to travel back to Canada with them, 90 dogs were relocated within Israel to shelters that Danielle has worked with in the past, and the remaining 150 dogs will be brought to Canada when they are healthy enough for the trip.

Here are some of the dogs settled into their new shelter.

dog tales

So awesome.

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