This Artist’s Heartwarming Illustrations About The Love Between Dads And Their Little Girls Will Have You In Tears


The bond between parent and child is one of the strongest connections in nature. We often hear about the bond a mother has with her kids, but there’s nothing like the love between father and daughter.

To illustrate this special and tender love in the most exquisite way, Snezhana Soosh, a young painter, has created breathtaking illustrations on her Instagram showing the special bond that a dad has with his daughter.

These watercolor paintings depict sweet moments of a father combing his daughter’s hair, comforting her, and playing all sorts of fun games. Let your heart be captivated as you go through these cute and short father daughter pictures which will make you love your dad even more.

Dads are always ready to protect us from anything — whether it’s the bullies at school or the monsters under our beds


Dads are never afraid of doing impossible things for us. Learning how to braid our hair, for example


When you’re with daddy you always feel like you’re on the top of the world


He’s so warm and cozy