They Told Steve Harvey They Could Sing … He Never Expected Them To Be THIS Good


Steve Harvey recently invited 10-year-old Jeffrey and 7-year-old Celine for a chat on his new TV show “Little Big Shots”. The duo, from Canada (via Hong Kong), had made headlines across the Internet when a video surfaced of them performing “You Raise Me Up.”

Their charming personalities will capture your heart the moment you meet them. Not only are they charming and sweet, but they have adorable chemistry. Little Celine has an adorable giggle that lights up the room, and Jeffrey can’t help but laugh along … and they are not shy whatsoever!


After their little chat, Steve invites them to sing for the audience.  No one could have expected what came next.

Jeffrey began the song while little Celine stood next to him, just waiting to join along. When their voices met, it sounded like a match made in heaven. Everyone in the audience was completely astounded. The expression on Steve Harvey’s face is absolutely priceless.

This is probably one of the best renditions of “You Raise Me Up”, that you will ever hear.

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