New Photos Of The Loch Ness Monster Have People Completely Freaking Out

Nessie … is that you?

After years of avoiding the spotlight, the legendary Loch Ness Monster might have finally been caught on film, as a man taking pictures of deer in Scotland has reportedly captured an image of what some believe is the Loch Ness monster.

loch ness

Ian Bremner, a 58-year-old whisky warehouse worker and amateur photographer, had returned home from a trip to the Highlands area of Scotland when he noticed a strange creature in one of his photos, which multiple sources are calling the most “convincing” Loch Ness Monster photograph ever.

loch ness

Maybe it’s a bunch of seals? Or, maybe we all just need a strong drink.

Anyways, whatever it is, we just hope it’s friendly.

Source: HuffingtonPost