The Largest Photo Of New York City Ever Taken Is Simply Mindblowing


The Big Apple is big enough as it is, but it will feel even bigger via this magnificent 360-degree panoramic photo, the largest photo ever made of NYC.

Photographer Jeffrey Martin shot multiple handheld shots of NYC from the top of the Empire State Building with a 135mm lens and a 50MP fullframe SLR camera.

nyc photo

The final image measures a staggering 203,200 by 101,600 pixels in size … or just over 20 gigapixels.

If you happen to live in NYC, there’s a pretty good chance you might be able to see your house or apartment by zooming in on the interactive version below.


By the way, if you are wanting to print this photo at a standard resolution of 300 dpi, it would end up being 57 feet wide and 28 feet tall.

Source: 360cities

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