The Hottest Female Trainers On Instagram


Want a little dose of eye-candy with a side order of motivation and workout ideas?  Well, here’s the hottest female trainers on Instagram with bodies that’ll motivate you to bring everything you’ve got to your workout.

Katya Elise Henry


Who she is: A fitness model and trainer in Miami.

Instagram Followers: 2.2MM

Natalie Uhling

Natalie uhling

Who she is: The creator of NUFit, an Under Armour athlete, and most recently worked with the Denver Broncos cheerleaders on their road to the Super Bowl.

Instagram Followers: 54.4k

Anna Victoria


Who she is: A personal trainer and creator of The Fit Body Guides.

Instagram Followers: 895k

Aurora Laurezal


Who she is: A certified trainer and bodybuilder in France.

Instagram Followers: 572k

Lyzabeth Lopez


Who she is: An award-winning master trainer in Canada, a holistic nutritionist, and creator of the Hourglass Workout.

Instagram Followers: 2.1MM

Katrina Hodgson


Who she is: Founder of Tone It Up and creator of Perfect Fit nutrition products.

Instagram Followers: 569k

Kayla Itsines


Who she is: The Australian trainer behind the crazy-popular Bikini Body Guides and Sweat with Kayla fitness app.

Instagram Followers: 4.5MM

Amanda Lee

amanda lee

Who she is: Essentially the next Jen Selter, but she’s actually qualified to dish out fitness advice as a certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor.

Instagram Followers: 2.9MM

Emily Skye

emily skye

Who she is: A personal trainer in Queensland, Australia, fitness model, and founder of the F.I.T.—Fitness Inspiration Transformation—workout program.

Instagram Followers: 1.4MM

Jen Heward

jen heward

Who she is: The owner of Life Altering Fitness in California, a certified personal trainer, and a SweetSweat Athlete.

Instagram Followers: 612k

Paige Hathaway


Who she is: A personal trainer, bikini competitor, and fitness model in Oklahoma.

Instagram Followers: 3.4MM

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