Seconds After Mom Sees Kids Playing In Pool … She Sees THIS


If you are a fan of cool science experiments, this one is guaranteed to impress your friends this summer. Watch this video as a dad and his two sons have a little fun with “constructive wave interference” in their backyard pool.This remarkable poolside phenomenon can easily be duplicated in any pool.


So how exactly does constructive wave interference work? Well according to physics, constructive interference occurs whenever waves come together so that they are in phase with each other. This means that their oscillations at a given point are in the same direction, the resulting amplitude at that point being much larger than the amplitude of an individual wave. For two waves of equal amplitude interfering constructively, the resulting amplitude is twice as large as the amplitude of an individual wave. Constructive interference, then, can produce a significant increase in amplitude.

kids in pool

Not sure about you guys, but that’s a little too scientific for my brain to handle. But one thing is for sure … this dad creates some pretty killer waves!

Enjoy this video that was uploaded in 2007, with over 1.4 million views.