Rescue Dog Lost 35 Pounds Of Fur After Getting His First Haircut In 6 Years

Even dogs need a haircut every once in a while.


After being kept in a barn stall for six years, this 7-year-old Great Pyrenees was in dire need of a haircut when groomer Candice Skelton rescued the pup.

The dog, Lazarus, had been under the care of owners who had terminal medical conditions that left them unable to care for him. He was living in dirty conditions with excrements everywhere.


When Skelton rescued Lazarus she knew he had a lot of hair … and when she was done trimming him, he had lost 35 lbs. worth of weight!


This is what Lazarus looks like now. He is currently living in Virginia with his new foster-mom, Amanda Charsha-Lindsey, who works with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, a non-profit organization.


He now is able to run outside to rebuild his muscles back and enjoy life again.


Source: ABC News