Prepare Yourselves … 72 New Emojis Are Coming This Month


That’s right, 72 brand new emojis will be coming to your phone this month.

The Unicode Consortium, the body that controls and approves universal software standards for letters and other characters, has just approved 72 new emoji, which will add to the 1,601 already in existence.

The new images range from expanded smileys and people to new animals, food, and sports.

Notable smileys include rolling on the floor laughing, drooling face, and nauseated face, while the people/body category gains shrug, selfie, and face palm. New animal emoji include gorilla, fox face, deer, shark, and owl, and some of the new foods include avocado, potato, croissant, pancakes, salad, and bacon.

Here’s the full list …

Rolling on the floor laughing, Cowboy hat, Clown face, Lying face, Drooling face, Nauseated face, Sneezing face, Prince, Mother Christmas


Man in Tuxedo, Shrug, Face palm, Pregnant woman, Man dancing, Selfie, Hand with index and middle fingers crossed, Call me hand, Left-facing fist


Right-facing fist, Raised back of hand, Handshake, Black heart, Gorilla, Fox face, Deer, Rhinoceros, Bat


Eagle, Duck, Owl, Lizard, Shark, Shrimp, Squid, Butterfly, Wilted Flower


Kiwi, Avocado, Potato, Carrot, Cucumber, Peanuts, Croissant, Baguette, Pancakes


Bacon, Stuffed flatbread, Egg, Pan of food, Salad, Glass of milk, Clinking glasses, Tumbler glass, Spoon


Octagonal sign, Scooter, Motor scooter, Canoe, First place medal, Second place medal, Third place medal, Boxing glove, Martial arts uniform


Person doing cartwheel, Wrestlers, Water Polo, Handball, Fencer, Goal net, Juggling, Drum with drumsticks, Shopping cart