Little Girl Waves At Construction Workers Outside Her Hospital Window. Their Response Made Mom Burst Into Tears


It was a lonely world for 2 1/2 year old Vivian Keith up on the 9th floor of Barnes-Jewish St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The little girl had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and was forced to spend most of her time in isolation during her chemotherapy.

However, she did have one way to communicate with the outside world – and that was through her window.


Travis Barnes and Greg Combs were part of a construction crew, who were working on the hospital at the time of Vivian’s stay. Every morning, the men would see and wave at all of the children they saw sitting by their windows.

Yet, there was one little girl in particular that stood out to them – and that was little Vivian. Without fail, the two-year-old would wave at the pair, who of course returned the greeting.

vivian keith

Construction workers are known as tough guys, but Vivian had touched their hearts so deeply that they decided that they wanted to do something really nice for her.

One morning, when Vivian and her Mom looked out the window – they saw something that took them by surprise. On a metal beam was a humongous written message saying, “Get well soon…”


But, Travis and Greg didn’t stop there. Be sure to watch the video to learn what else they did to help make Vivian smile.