He Jumped On a Grenade To Save His Fellow Marines. This Is A Young Man To Be Proud Of


He had pieces of his forearms missing, a collapsed lung and had lost part of his jaw. He was even declared dead.


Over the next two years, Carpenter would undergo 40 different surgeries to repair the damage left by the grenade. Carpenter improved to the point where he could run marathons, do pull-ups and sky dive.


He received a Purple Heart in recognition of his bravery.


He was also awarded the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama himself.


Carpenter later retired from the military and began earning a degree in International Studies at the University of South Carolina.


Today, he helps others through motivation speaking and charitable acts, and has gone on to inspire thousands.


His story serves as a reminder that selflessness often comes at great costs, but that in the end, our sacrifices make us who we are.