Hairstyles That Defined a Generation


Nothing defines an entire generation more than its iconic hairstyles. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane with these stylish coifs that were all the rage back in the day.

Let’s hope some of these never make a comeback!

The Louise Brooks Bob

Louise Brooks bob hair 1920s

Louise Brooks was the “It Girl” of the 1920’s and her short flapper hairstyle was revolutionary.

The Greaser


The greaser look, that Elvis and James Dean rocked, dominated the 1950’s and bigger, slicker, more ornate styles were in for men.

The Mop Top

mop top

And then The Beatles … BLEW IT ALL UP. We have their shaggy haircuts to thank for gay marriage and legal marijuana.

The Beehive


The beehive was THE hairstyle of sophisticated, put-together women in the ’60s. The bigger the hive, the greater your power.

The Farrah

the farrah

The Farrah epitomized the laid-back athletic 1970’s. It’s soft and touchable and almost convinces you that hair can look like that way without three hours of prep time (it definitely requires three hours of prep time). The Farrah is eternal youth, it is golden sunshine, it is the American dream.

The Fro

the fro

The 1970’s were a great time for hair. Black men and women alike rejected white oppression in all its forms — including hairpression. The afro was power, confidence, and freedom. The afro said once and for all that Black Is Beautiful.

The Rachel

rachel hairstyle

You simply could not have been an upwardly mobile middle class professional woman in the 1990’s and not have a Rachel haircut.

The Caesar

caesar hairstyle

This totally epitomized Roman rulers around 44 BC … Caligula, Tiberius, Trajan — they were all rocking the Caesar for the next hundred years.

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