Fried Peanut Butter Is A Real Thing, And It’s The Most Genius Foodie Invention Ever

This is Absolutely Life-Changing.

For those of you who love peanut butter, here’s a fried peanut butter recipe that is guaranteed to change your life.

Yes, that’s right … Fried Peanut Butter … and it’s a real thing.


The fried concoction recipe by Oh, Bite It! consists of warm, gooey, and insanely delicious little dough balls that are probably the greatest thing to happen to peanut butter since the PB&J sandwich!


These melty peanut-butter dough balls are ridiculously easy to make and only require four simple ingredients – Pillsbury Place ‘N Bake Crescent Rounds, peanut butter, canola oil and powdered sugar.


First step is to place individual rounded tablespoons of peanut butter onto a lined baking sheet and then place the sheet in the freezer.


Once frozen, roll out the dough and cut out as many two-inch circles as you can get out of it.

Then, gently place frozen peanut butter in the center of each dough circle …


… and seal it up good. Place the tray back in the freezer while you heat the canola oil up to 350 degrees.


Then, gently toss the wrapped peanut butter balls into the oil, and fry them until they’re golden on both sides.


After that … set them aside to cool …


Smother them with some powdered sugar …


… and you’re all done … Enjoy!


Source: OhBiteIt | Facebook