Russian “Rambo” Calls In Airstrike On HIMSELF After Being Surrounded By ISIS Fighters


A brave Russian special forces soldier has died a “hero” after wiping out a band of ISIS fighters by calling in an airstrike on himself¬†knowing it would end his life but help complete his mission.

The special forces officer was on a one-man “Rambo-style” mission to track down ISIS militants near the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, when he found himself surrounded by enemy fighters.


Caught in a hopeless situation, the fearless officer directed Russian aircraft to bomb his location, killing himself and the ISIS fighters that surrounded him.


A spokesperson for the Russian military said: “An officer of Russian special operations forces was killed near Palmyra while carrying out a special task to direct Russian airstrikes at Islamic State group targets.”

“He died as a hero, he drew fire onto himself after being located and surrounded by terrorists.”

Total respect for this soldier.