A Guy Cut Out A Piece Of His Leg To See What Human Flesh Tasted Like

And films the whole thing.


Have you ever wondered what human flesh tastes like? Perhaps with some mashed potatoes and a nice Merlot? Probably … just admit it.

maxresdefault (1)

Unfortunately, since it’s illegal to eat human flesh, Greg Foot, a BBC journalist, conducted an elaborate experiment to imagine how his own muscle might taste.

First, they removed a piece of his thigh …


Which as you can see below, seemed quite painful.


Then they performed a biopsy of Greg’s leg muscle.

cut leg

Here is the piece of leg muscle from Greg’s thigh. An analysis An analysis of the muscle fibers showed that it is very similar in composition to both chicken and beef.


What did it smell like? Apparently, it was a mix of red meats like lamb and pork.


Greg’s biopsy was then cooked for chemical analysis of the aromas.


Using the aroma of his cooked flesh, (since smell accounts for up to 80 percent of our sensation of taste), they made a burger close to what his actual flesh would taste like…AND ATE IT!


The idea of eating human might make you shudder, but check out the video below. Although, as you might have gathered, it isn’t for the squeamish.