9 Things Couples Quickly Learn When Living Together


Moving in with your partner is a big step in the relationship.

It’s usually met with excitement and anticipation for both, and although you think you know your significant other, there are certain things you’ll only truly know once you are already moved in.

You’ve been warned.

1. One person is destined to be the “messy one”

messy one

It could be you … but who ever is the messy one, the other will always claim they are the “neat freak”. This relationship will be established pretty early on.

2. The worst cook becomes the kitchen porter


Whoever doesn’t cook, cleans. Those be the rules.

3. Fighting for the remote control is a long and enduring battle


If you’re lucky, you’ll have lots of TV and movie favorites in common but mostly there will be clashes of interest. There will be much compromise here and probably more shows about rich housewives than you’d have liked.

4. There will always be piles of clothes in random, unexpected locations 


Next to the bed and on the bathroom floor are guaranteed favorites. As soon as one pile is cleared, another will appear. The struggle is real.

5. You both naturally gravitate towards the couch


The couch is your daytime communal place, where you’ll come together to mainly sit apart on your phones but sometimes cuddle and watch TV too.

6. They take WAY longer in the bathroom than you can ever imagine


When you lived apart you joked about how long they took to get ready and all was fine and well – now you need to use the f*cking bathroom and you’re not laughing any more.

7. You operate on totally different thermal levels


One opens a window, the other puts the heating on. Finding the perfect temperature for both of you is an art form and if you nail it … please tell me how.

8. You’ll buy things you never imagined buying before

ikea shopping

Like plants and stuff to hang on walls … and you’ll visit IKEA weekly and probably enjoy it.

9. Unwanted hairs of all varieties


Whether it’s the longer ones or the short and curly types, you’ll both contribute to this problem and you’ll place most of the blame on the other person.

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