7 Interesting Facts About Pablo Escobar That Will Blow Your Mind


Although notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar died 22 years ago, his tumultuous story lives on. At the height of his career Escobar supplied around 80% of all the cocaine smuggled into the United States.

His involvement in the drug trade brought him fame, power and riches.

Here’s some facts about “El Patrón” that are sure to blow your mind.


Escobar started life from humble beginnings as a poor farm boy who lived with his father, a farmer, and mother, a school teacher. As a teenager he stole grave stones and sold them on to smugglers.


At the peak of his reign he was estimated to have been making $66 million a day.


In 1979, Escobar was ranked the seventh richest man in Forbes’ list of international billionaires.


He had so much dough that he spent $2,500 a month on rubber bands to hold his cash together.


He smuggled cocaine into America using private planes. The pilots could earn up to $500,000 a day for their efforts.


When the kingpin was forced to go on the run his daughter became sick with pneumonia. He burned $2 million of cash to keep her warm.


His greatest fear was jail. He was once quoted saying, “I’d rather be in a grave in Columbia than a cell in the United States.”

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