7 Crazy Facts That Sound Totally Fake But Are Actually True


The world is full of crazy things … facts included. And some of these facts just sound too good, or too bizarre, to be true. But these 7 crazy facts are completely true.


1. Bangladesh has a higher population than Russia


Russia may span 9 time zones and cover more surface area than Pluto as the world’s largest country, but tiny Bangladesh (slightly bigger than the size of New York state) has a population of 162.2 million people. Russia has 143.5 million.

2. Cleopatra lived closer in time to the building of the first Pizza Hut than to the building of the pyramids


Construction on the pyramids of Giza took place roughly from 2550 B.C. to 2490 B.C., while Cleopatra, the last active Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, was born in 69 B.C. and died in 30 B.C.

The first Pizza Hut opened in Wichita, Kansas on June 15, 1958. That means that the chain’s opening is about 500 years closer to Cleopatra’s lifetime than the construction of the Giza pyramids.

3. Heroin was once used to treat children’s coughs


Bayer, the German pharmaceutical company that produces aspirin, commercialized heroin in the 1890’s as a cough, cold, and pain remedy. What’s really shocking, however, is that Bayer marketed heroin for use in children as late as 1912, years after reports began to surface that it could be a dangerous drug.

In 1914, heroin was restricted to prescription-only use in the U.S. and eventually banned by the FDA altogether in 1924.

4. Harvard University was founded before calculus was discovered

harvard v calculus

Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the U.S., established in 1636. Calculus wasn’t discovered until roughly 50 years later.

5. Most of the world’s oxygen is produced by the oceans, not trees


It’s estimated that marine plants are responsible for between 70-80% of the oxygen in the atmosphere.

6. Carrots were originally purple


Cultivated carrots originated in the Afghanistan region and were purple.

Source: World Carrot Museum

7. If you could fold a piece of paper 45 times, it would reach the moon

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