17 Rare Photos That You’ve Probably Never Seen


Photos capture moments in time, but some photos have a very different story thn what they appear to be. These photos capture odd moments in history with even odder backstories.

Hitler Practicing His Speech

Taken in 1925, this photo portrays one of the most evillest men in history with some shred of humanity. His practicing his speech depicts his nervousness and insecurity before he became the confident monster he turned out to be.

21 Rare Photos that You’ve Probably Never Seen

Companies in the 1950s provided their employees with ice cold whiskey instead of the standard coffee. So, on a hot day, employees could sip their Jack Daniels while they work. It’s a wonder they got anything done.

Muhammad Ali Talks Down a Suicide Jumper

In 1981, Ali helped talk down a suicidal jumper from the ledge of a high-rise. This heartwarming photo document’s the boxers triumph as the jumper did not choose to end his life.

JFK Meeting a Teenage Bill Clinton

Clinton styled himself after his hero, and in 1963 he got to meet him: President John F. Kennedy. Unfortunately, a few months later, JFK was assassinated, but the mark he left on his admirer was substantial.

The Woman Who Was Hit by a Meteorite

This woman made history by being the first to be hit by a meteorite. Here she is lying on a hospital bed, being examined by her doctor Moody James in 1954.

LBJ Drives his Amphibious Car

Texan President LB Johnson brought out his practical joker when he drove his car through the water with people who didn’t know it was amphibious. This 1965 photo depicts just that.

Frenchman Lights Winston Churchill’s Cigar

In 1944, the Allies were pressing the Germans back, and this cheery photo shows a powerful connection between a man who was freed from a camp and the man in power both fighting for the same goal. If a picture says a thousand words, this one speaks volumes.

First Walmart Opens

Though it had a different name back then, this photo shows the first in one of the biggest chains in America (maybe even the world) in 1962.Back then, it was just a small mom and pop store. Every big empire had to begin somewhere.

Measuring Woman’s Bathing Suit on the Beach

During the 1920s, women couldn’t wear bikinis and one pieces couldn’t be more than six inches above their knee. Therefore, cops had to measure the womens’ bathing suits. Imagine if they found out about the modern day versions.

Fidel Castro Meets Lincoln

Fidel wasn’t always an enemy of the US. He was able to visit America and seemed to have admired Abraham Lincoln. He seems so insignificantly small compared to the huge monument.

Audrey Hepburn and her Pet Deer

Maybe the great actress and humanitarian had a pet deer she used to go shopping with. Maybe she was secretly a Disney princess too. Either way, this 1958 photo is too sweet to handle.

The Beatles Meet Muhammad Ali

In 1964, two greats made this amazing photo. The Beatles pretend to be KOd by Ali. This photo was taken before either party had become famous. What a great moment, though.

Undercover Macy’s Detectives Take an Undercover Photo

In 1954, Macy’s employed undercover detectives to catch shoplifter and pickpockets. They have to remain anonymous, which is why they aren’t showing their faces. Beats the mall cops we have today.

Foot Guard Falls as the Queen Rides By

Everyone knows that these guards never, ever move. This 1970 photo shows that as one guard collapses and no one budges to help him. It’s a bit heartless, but duty comes first. England and their odd traditions.

Bonnie and Clyde’s Car After the Shootout

This famous 1930s criminal duo’s legacy lives on through this photo. While they lost their lives, this photo has made them immortal.

Defiant German Communist Moments Gets Executed

This 1919 photo depicts a German communist being executed during World War I. Like a true soldier, there is no fear in his eyes; just defiance and stoicism.

Testing a Bulletproof Vest

How terrifying is it to shoot a friend and coworker to test a Bulletproof vest? What if it fails? These men seem to have all the confidence in their invention. Taken in 1923, this photo depicts WH Murphy being shot by a .38 revolver. Witnesses say Murphy never even flinched.