15 Of The World’s Best Photos of 2015



The World Press Photo Foundation is a major force in developing and promoting the work of visual journalists around the world.

We picked 15 of our favorites from the 59th World Press Photo Contest, which had over 83,000 photos made by 5,775 photographers from 128 different countries.


Negatives found in city of Pripyat – location of the worst nuclear accident to date

best photos 2015Source: Kazuma Obara of Japan


Sexual Assault in America’s Military

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-2Source: Mary F. Calvert of USA


Hope for a New Life

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-3Source: Warren Richardson of Australia


Waiting to Register

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-4Source: Matic Zorman of Slovenia


Storm Front on Bondi Beach

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-5Source: Rohan Kelly of Australia


ISIS Fighter Treated at Kurdish Hospital

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-6Source: Mauricio Lima of Brazil


Aftermath of Airstrikes in Syria

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-7Source: Sameer Al-Doumy of Syria


Tough Times for Orangutans

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-8Source: Tim Laman of USA


Vetluga’s Hockey

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-9Source: Vladimir Pesnya of Russia


Talibes, Modern-day Slaves

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-10Source: Mário Cruz of Portugal


Reporting Europe’s Refugee Crisis

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-11Source: Sergey Ponomarev of Russia


China’s Coal Addiction

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-12Source: Kevin Frayer of Canada


An Antarctic Advantage

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-13Source: Daniel Berehulak of Australia


FIS World Championships

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-14Source: Christian Walgram of Austria


Haze in China

best-photography-year-2015-world-press-photo-contest-15Source: Zhang Lei of China


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