Airline Pilot Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Dramatic Storms And Skies

By Amanda Cooper Sep 28, 2016

When it comes to beautiful panoramas, few people get a better view than airline pilots.
Christiaan van Heijst is an airline pilot who flies 747 jumbo jets around the world, but more than that, he is also a very talented photographer who captures breathtaking photos from his seat in the cockpit.
From an early age, Christian, found great joy in capturing the beauty of natural light in all its forms. Shooting with a Nikon D800, the flying Dutchman captures beautiful pictures of thunderstorms, sunsets, full moons, and even the northern lights.
Here’s a selection of some of his amazing photos:

The Northern Lights from inside the cockpit.

Intense lightning over Beijing.

A sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

Clouds over the Sahara Desert.

Rays of sunlight streaming through the clouds in Latacunga, Ecuador.

Sunlight streaming through clouds onto the state of Alaska.

A huge thunderstorm cloud casts a huge shadow over Minnesota.


The Milky Way glowing over Calcutta, India.

Sunrise over Myanmar.

Tunnel through the clouds.

Summer in England.

Kazakhstan in winter.

Thunderstorms over Toronto, Canada, as seen from the cockpit.

747 sunset view.

Dubai from above.

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Source: Jpcvanheijst | Blazepress | Instagram | Facebook