This 100-Year-Old Theater Was Converted Into A Bookstore And It’s Absolutely Spectacular

By Amanda Cooper Sep 28, 2016

Tucked away in Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires, you will find "El Ateneo Grand Splendid", one of the most stunning bookstores in the world. Grand Splendid was originally built as a tango theater back in 1919. In 1929, it was converted into a cinema and then finally into the grand bookstore it is now in 2000.
It was named the second most beautiful bookshop in the world in 2008, by The Guardian. And that’s no surprise considering it’s elaborate décor and classic 1920’s theater feel.
El Ateneo Grand Splendid today is one of the best known bookshops in Argentina and welcomes over one million visitors each year.

The bookstore covers a sprawling 21,000 square feet and sells about 700,000 books every year.

The architect behind the renovation, Fernando Manzone, aimed to preserve the detailed elegance of the theater, from the ornate balconies to the colorfully frescoed ceiling.


El Ateneo Grand Splendid lives up to its name by being both grand in size, and splendid in decoration.

It is situated at 1860 Santa Fe Avenue in Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires.

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Source: Mymodernmet | Twistedsifter