Dad Is Left Heartbroken After Reading His Autistic Son's Answer On Class Project

By Amanda Cooper Sep 23, 2016

Bob Cornelius, the father of an 11-year old autistic New Jersey boy was left heartbroken when he realized his son, Christopher, had never made a friend in school.
He was visiting Christopher's classroom during "back-to-school night" last week when he took a photo of what he thought was a cute worksheet.
On the worksheet, the sixth-grade students were asked to list their favorite food, TV show, what they want to be when they grow up, among other things.
He grinned as he glanced over some of his son’s responses.
But when he returned home and took a closer look at Christopher's responses, he was devastated by the sight of two words.
Nestled between his favorite television show and food was the question "Some of my friends are". Christopher had simply written: "No one".
Those two words devastated Bob and he knew he couldn’t stay silent.
So, he took to Facebook, to send a message asking his friends to teach their children to "embrace and accept the difference of others" so that special needs children like his son Christopher don't get left out.

Cornelius' Facebook post has since been shared more than 28,000 times and has inspired hundreds to take part in a "card shower" for Christopher.

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Source: Facebook | Dailymail