A Woman Spent $500 On Surgery For Her Pet Goldfish That Choked On A Pebble

By Amanda Cooper Sep 15, 2016

Vets at a local clinic in Brisbane, Australia, recently had a panicked young woman rush her pet goldfish in for an exam after it accidentally swallowed a pebble. Emma Marsh, 21, of Brisbane, was horrified when she noticed her beloved pet fish was struggling to breathe.
Veterinarians at the Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services center quickly got to work and ran a physical exam on the $12 goldfish, whose name is Conquer, and determined that he had a black pebble lodged in the back of his throat.

Conquer was then rushed in for emergency surgery and prepped to have the pebble removed.

The vets gently propped his tiny mouth open, and with anesthetics, some gloves and a tiny instrument, they went in ...


Grabbed a hold of the small pebble ...

... and had it successfully removed!

It seems Conquer’s eyes were obviously bigger than his belly on that day. Luckily, Conquer’s mom was observant.

Now Conquer is healthy, happy and back home where he belongs.

The story of Conquer’s $500 life-saving surgery has since gone viral - with hundreds of shares and comments on the veterinary clinic’s Facebook page.