Should FDA Be Allowed To Investigate Snortable Chocolate Party Drug?

By Kristy Rice Aug 14, 2017

The chocolate-based powder is enhanced with taurine and guarana, common ingredients in energy drinks, and is said to give users a burst of energy and a euphoric rush, comparable to ecstasy.
“Anybody who just wants to party, dance and have a little extra energy. That's mostly our market." Anderson said.
And while snorting cocoa may be legal, Senator Chuck Schumer is demanding that the FDA investigate the new trend, calling it a “brazen example of ‘narcotic marketing’ – a product that is marketed like a drug, as well as made to be consumable like a drug while seeming cool to teens and young people.”
Schumer may be convinced of the validity of his proposed investigation but the FDA isn't sure whether it has the right to step in.
In a statement made to ABC News:
“The FDA will need to evaluate the product labeling, marketing information, and/or any other information pertaining to the products intended use."’
“It's not FDA approved, right?” said Shelton. “So neither is half the stuff that you get from like GNC or whatever. You still take it. It's still somewhat good for your body."
Source: 13wham | Rollingstone
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