Should FDA Be Allowed To Investigate Snortable Chocolate Party Drug?

By Kristy Rice Aug 14, 2017

There are a number of energy promising products popular in America, many of them marketed to teens. Monster drinks, Red Bull, 5-hour mini bottles, and gas-station anti-sleep tablets are only a few.
Then there's chocolate, a product that likely doesn't need marketing to sell. We coat fruit and bacon with it, liquify it for fountains, and use it to celebrate almost every major holiday.
But a new product combining these two products has prompted an investigation by the Food and Drug Administration. It's not caffeinated chocolate or even a chocolate-flavored energy drink.
It's Coco Loko: snortable chocolate, marketed as a party drug for teens that gained popularity in Europe and made its way across the pond.
“I basically saw what Europe was doing,” said Nick Anderson, who founded the Florida-based company Legal Lean, which sells Coco Loko. “There were no health issues. There, it’s been out two, three years. Everybody seems fine. It’s very popular. There’s really no negative publicity, so I felt we’re good to go.”
And while snorting anything up your nose seems dangerous, sniffing chocolate is perfectly legal.
Source: 13wham | Rollingstone
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