Garden Bragging: The New (Mostly Staged) Celebrity Trend

By Kristy Rice Aug 14, 2017

When it comes to celebrities and social media, glam is life. Why else would we follow them if not to see how the other half lives?
But those same shining stars also aim to connect with us (the general public) by projecting an image someone we can relate to—like us, but better. Domesticated divas with down-to-earth attitudes.
First it was the 'I wake up like this' selfie where suspiciously flawless a-listers posted early morning self-portraits, hashtag no makeup.
Then came the Betty Crockers, posing with their Pinterest-perfect pies and cakes. Stars so pampered you wouldn't believe they could even boil water, showing off 'homemade' creations 50s t.v. moms couldn't pull off.
Keeping with this 'anything you can do, I can do better in my spare time' theme is a new celebrity selfie trend: the avid gardener with homegrown produce for props.
Now, I'm not saying that celebrities aren't capable of such domestic feats, just that there's a good chance that with full-time careers, obvious gardening staffs, and lots of time spent travelling, these posts are probably more photo-op than daily devotion to toiling in the dirt.
Thank goodness Liz Hurley is wearing a swimsuit from her own line in case she gets wet while posing with that hose on her almost $8 million estate in Herefordshire. Her Instagram is full of snapshots of her cutting flowers, weeding, mowing, and trimming the shrubs but keeping up with the grounds must be a full time job.
Source: Dailymail | Dailymail
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