Net Neutrality, Freedom Of Information, And Why You Should Give A Damn

By Kristy Rice Jul 17, 2017

In case you missed it, July 12 was a national day of protest for those concerned with preserving the freedom of the internet. You may have noticed dummy roadblocks to your favorite websites, put there as a warning of what could happen should the internet be compromised or banners with links to further information.
The net neutrality Day of Action was prompted by changes proposed by the FCC to alter the rules of the internet. They aim to repeal open internet protections put in place under the Obama administration.
"Net neutrality is basically the first amendment of the internet," said Katy Anderson, digital rights specialist at OpenMedia. "It ensures choice, competition and free speech for everyone — regardless of background or political stripes."
But what does that mean?
Well, in a letter signed by a number of YouTube personalities, representing a total audience of 150 million viewers, they claim that the repeal of our current protections would lead to “the inevitable creation of fast lanes that would privilege the large media companies that can afford to pay for such service.”

Still confused? That's perfectly understandable. I've read metaphors that liken these restrictions to toll roads, highways, fast lanes, and pipelines, but here's what's going on:
Source: Theverge | Teenvogue
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