This Artificial Womb Could Make It Possible To Grow A Baby At Home

By Kristy Rice Jul 17, 2017

When HuffPost shared this video on their Facebook page, it didn't take long for viewers to respond. In little over a week, the video has garnered 2.5 million views and almost six thousand (controversial) comments including:
"Corporations and people need to stop trying to play God. This is not natural. Millions of orphaned children are out there without a single parent to love and care for them how about promoting adoption for a change instead of these stupid machines..." -Mirna Jay

"We can place them in all of the pro-life people's houses. We can overnight express the fetuses of women who choose to end their pregnancies. Abortion issue solved." -Rhonda Leach
And quite possibly my personal favorite:
"Do you know how quickly my cat would knock that over?" -Joy Harwood
But what's not clear in the video is that this incubator isn't functional, though it could be in the near future, and that the students who designed it have no intention of turning it into a functioning product.
Source: Fastcodesign | Nytimes
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