102-Year-Old Time Capsule Uncovered Within Confederate Monument

By Kristy Rice Jul 7, 2017

While removing a Confederate monument in St. Louis, workers uncovered a 102-year-old time capsule encased in its base.
The statue, known as the Confederate Memorial in St. Louis' Forest Park, was to be disassembled and stored per an agreement between St. Louis and the Missouri Civil War Museum.

Waiting To Be Unearthed

Mark Trout, executive director of the Missouri Civil War Museum, knew the capsule was hidden within the monument through his extensive research of historical documents.
"We knew it was in there somewhere, so we were careful as we chipped away at something like 40 tons of concrete until we got to the very bottom," Trout said.
The copper time capsule, which was finally unearthed at the center of the very bottom of the monument's base, was sealed in about a month before the statue was originally placed in 1914.
Once the base had been deconstructed, workers found a stone tablet that read, "On this spot, a monument will be erected in memory of the soldiers and sailors of the Confederacy."
It's believed that due to the capsule's location, deep within the base of the structure, those who placed it there must have known that it would only be uncovered in the event of the monuments destruction.
"That's probably the saddest thing," Trout said.
Source: Cnn
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