Teens Face Fines And Arrest If Mowing Lawns Without A Business License

By Kristy Rice Jun 19, 2017

Motivated teens are getting a profoundly adult lesson about the government regulation of entrepreneurship in Alabama.
A local ordinance in Gardendale, Alabama is gaining national attention—and criticism—for requiring teens to pay a $110 business licensing fee to mow lawns. These aren't teens hoping to build landscaping empires; they're mowing a few neighborhood lawns to earn a little spending money. Yet it makes no difference to officials in Gardendale.
Consequences for mowing without a license range from a fine to possible arrest and it's not just Gardendale. Cities across the country require this license. Check with your local Clerk's office.
Many argue that the fee has nothing to do with protective regulation and everything to do with government greed—and as more and more rights are taken away by our government, only to be sold back to us in the form of licenses and permits, others are arguing that we're not nearly as free as we think we are.
There were the two teens in New Jersey who were stopped by police for soliciting their snow shoveling service.
Then in Texas, there was the story of Andria and Zoey Green, an eight and seven-year-old whose lemonade stand was shut down for lack of a permit. The girls were trying to earn money for a Father's Day present.
Source: Thefreethoughtproject
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