Police Can Shoot Your Dog On Your Property And It Happens All The Time

By Kristy Rice Jun 19, 2017

Another high-profile incident of a beloved pet killed senselessly by law enforcement is drawing attention to the growing epidemic of police officers shooting first, and asking questions later.
Duchess, a two-year-old rescue dog living with her forever family in Florida City, FL, was shot and killed on October 30, 2016 when Officer Marcus Terry knocked at the Palacios' residence to inform them that they had left a car door open in the driveway.
When the dog's owner, Gillian Palacios, answered the knock, the 40-pound bulldog-mix excitedly ran outside, between her feet.
Officer Terry immediately shot Duchess three times in the head.
He quickly told Palacios, "Your dog charged me." Then he stated that Animal Services would be by to collect the dog and immediately left.
"She was curious. She wasn't barking [and] she wasn't growling," Palacios later told reporters. "There was no reason for him to think she was aggressive in any way. There were a million things he could have done other than shoot her three times in the head."
Source: Anonews | Thedodo | Washingtonpost | Local10
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