These Guys Invented The "Anti Smart Phone" And It Will Blow Your Mind

By Naima Karp Jun 7, 2017

It seems like a new smart phone is coming out every day, in this millennium. Soon we'll be at the iPhone 10, surrounded by a society that is glued to glowing screens. But something called "The Light Phone" exists for those who appreciate the modern ease of tech communication without have your lives run by that tech.
It's called The Light Phone, and even though it looks like something from back to the future, the simplicity of the design and the minute size are due to the fact that you can't do anything but call on it. It was created by designers Kawei Teng and Joe Hollier and it' goes by the nickname the "anti-smartphone".
It's only the size of a credit card, and nope, you can't text, go on apps, or take pics with it. Notifications and endless, invading group chats are anxiety-inducing and depressing, and the creators of the Light Phone are here to clean that up for you.

The developers thought that in a world of daily new phone models and endless new apps, that they didn't need to create more of what there's already a surplus of.  They call the experience of this phone "going light" because it's the opposite of a smart-phone, which weighs you down with all the crap that distracts you from enjoying real, 3D, non LED life!
Basically, technology is making a ton of advancements that are helping this world, but also ruining us as humans from the inside out. So as the developers call it, this little gadget will help us "maintain the peace of mind."

Maybe this phone is a reminder that we should all live in the moment, and the reason for communication is so that we can talk to each other, whether it's for a real conversation (not a text-versation), or an emergency.
Personally, we're sick of people paying more attention to their phones than their surroundings, and we love this simple little creation that pretty much only has a speaker board, vibrator, power button mini USB, LED screen and volume control. Back to basics has never felt so good.
You can pre-order it for just $150 bucks and we think that's a steal based on the other trash on the internet that you an purchase for $150. Why not get your hands on a "phone away from phone" as Teng and Hollier cutely call it!