Oregon Man Tries To Force Co-Worker Into Running Wood Chipper

By Kristy Rice May 15, 2017

Cutting and trimming trees is a dangerous job but one man in Keizer, Oregon is glad to be alive, not from an occupational mishap, but from a co-workers attempt to force him face-first into a wood chipper.
Statements made to the police and on social media tell a terrifying story.
According to Keizer Police Deputy Chief Jeffrey Kuhns, Austin Crawford, 22, was loading brush into a running wood chipper when a co-worker, Scott Iverson, 26, grabbed him from behind and put him in a choke hold. Kuhns said, "Iverson pushed the man's torso onto the feeding table of the wood chipper head first."
The probable cause statement filed in Marion County quotes Crawford as saying he held onto the sides of the table "for dear life."
The statement goes on to reveal that, "The victim broke free from Iverson's grasp, but his attacker began punching him in the head and pushed him back into the chipper. As he loomed over the chipper's blade, the victim said he thought he was going to die."
Crawford told police that at that moment he was thinking, "I really don't want to die this way."
Iverson then lifted the man's leg onto the feeding tube but another employee intervened and pulled him off of Crawford.
Iverson reportedly tried to justify his actions to the other employee, saying that, "He's a pedophile. I can tell by the way he's talking," though Crawford has no record of sexual offences or felony convictions.
Source: Aol | Statesmanjournal
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