Yardsalers Beware! Woman Bought Chest Freezer For $30 With Body Inside

By Kristy Rice Apr 17, 2017

Yard-salers beware.
Last Summer, a woman in Goldsboro, N.C. bought a chest freezer from one of her neighbors and later discovered a dead body inside. True story.
How does that happen? I wondered, too. Like did she not open it before she bought it? And how the hell did it take a month to discover the body?
Apparently there was a string attached to the unexpected coffin.
The freezer was duct taped shut and the woman who sold it claimed that a local church was using as part of a time capsule project. She'd sell it for $30, "but could you just plug it in and the church will be by to pick up the stuff inside; then it's all yours."
(That's not a real quote, I made that up.)
But weeks went by and the church still hadn't come by to retrieve whatever was inside.
“Nothing was adding up, so I started to become suspicious about it,” the woman told WRAL.
I imagine the woman eyeing the duct-taped freezer, as it hummed along in the corner of a spare bedroom amid a few houseplants, the vacuum cleaner, and an armchair, before eventually deciding to peek inside.
Source: Telegraph
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