11 Things That Happen To You When You Go On A Diet

By Amanda Cooper Nov 23, 2016

Want to know what REALLY happens when you decide to go on a diet? Read on.

1. You have no idea what to bring for lunch ...

Diets are all about recipes, recipes, recipes. But what do you throw in your brown bag after your alarm doesn't go off because you were too busy checking your diet app to set it? Looks like it's rice cakes and fat free mayo...again.

2. You step into a gym and everyone stares at you ...

How can they tell that you're a noob? Is it that your workout clothes are from 1997? So what? Leg warmers are totally back in style.

3. You get this look when you tell your friends you lost 5 pounds ...

What do you mean "where did I lose it?" The scale only gives a number, not a location. Stop looking at my butt like that. Stop it!
Source: Playbuzz
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