The Absolute Best "Mannequin Challenge" Videos So Far

By Amanda Cooper Nov 10, 2016

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Or the Harlem Shake? Planking? Lip Dubs?
Well, another video meme has emerged to distract the internet ... and If your mind has been elsewhere (on elections, perhaps) and not on all-important Instagram fads, then let us bring you up to speed.
For this "challenge", participants, ideally in large numbers, freeze frame in awkward poses on video for long stretches of time. This, of course, leaves the impression of a mannequin.
We’ve just rounded up some of the absolute best and most amusing "Mannequin Challenge" videos for you.


Best Models:

Things start to get fancy when filmmakers get involved, like this Twitter user, whose freeze frames are physically impossible.

Best Workout Video:

You know anything Kevin Hart’s involved with will be comedy gold.
Source: Vibe
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