Homeless Dog Found Starving On Streets Is Now An Instagram Foodie Sensation

By Amanda Cooper Oct 26, 2016

Meet the newest Instagram foodie sensation, Popeye.
Popeye is a rescue pup from Los Angeles, CA, who three years ago was a stray living on the streets.
He was filthy, his fur was heavily matted and he weighed almost nothing, until his owner, Ivy Diep, found him in January of 2014, when he was about a year old.
The adorable mutt tugged at her heartstrings and Ivy knew she couldn't leave him starving on the streets, and so she adopted Popeye into her family.
Ivy Diep and her husband had always been huge foodies so when Popeye joined the family, he began accompanying them on their different outings at restaurants all over Los Angeles.
"There are lots of pet-friendly restaurants in L.A ... because the weather is pretty mild, many restaurants have outdoor patio seating, which mostly allows dogs", says Diep.
Popeye now has an Instagram account with more than 110,000 followers, completely dedicated to pictures of him posing with his food on his "Instagram dates".

Continue on to see more adorable pictures of Popeye the foodie pup!

Source: Instagram
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