Meet The World's Only BROWN And White Panda

By Amanda Cooper Oct 17, 2016

When it comes to pandas, you probably thought things were strictly black and white.
But meet Qi Lai, an extremely rare panda who does not have a single black hair on his body. Instead, he is brown and white, with a colorful appearance that has left scientists scratching their heads.
While every bit as a cute as others of his species, he is a very special bear because, according to researchers, there have only been five sightings of brown-white pandas in the wild since 1985.
Qi Lai, now 6 years old, was found all alone in the woods, by researchers, in China's Qinling Mountains when he was just a two-month-old cub. His mother was nowhere in sight so he was brought to the Shaanxi Rare Wildlife Rescue, Breeding and Research Center, his home ever since.
He has since grown into the fine, eye-catching specimen he is today.
As for how these odd-looking pandas got their brown fur, scientists aren't quite sure. Since they've only been spotted in China's Qinling Mountains so far, some suspect something in the water or the soil in the area might explain their bizarre pigmentation.
Scientists say further studies are necessary to unravel the mystery of why the brown and white pandas occur.
Is this guy the cutest panda you've ever seen or what?!

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Source: Nbcnews