This 4-Year-Old Is The Undisputed Costume Queen Of Halloween

By Amanda Cooper Oct 13, 2016

Meet Willow Lee from Redlands, CA ... she’s 4 years old, and she’s taking on October in a big way.
As you are about to see, Willow, has dressed up in more costumes than most of us could ever dream of.
The adorable tot and her mother Gina Lee, a photographer, have been celebrating "Willoween" ever since Willow’s first Halloween. Gina posts photos of Willow’s adorable costumes on her Instagram account which has since gone viral after catching the attention of thousands of followers.
This year, her mother is dressing her up during the entire month of October.
Check out her photos and prepare for a cuteness overload.

Here's Willow as Tippi Hedren from the Alfred Hitchcock classic "The Birds".

Willow rocking a Hot Dog on a Stick costume.

The price is definitely right.

That’s a great Little Orphan Annie.

Here’s Willow on the left, taking on "Gilligan’s Island."

Getting her "Flashdance" on.

Okay, this is just amazing.

She has that Frida Kahlo expression down and everything.

Need a box of candy? Willow has you covered.


E.T. phone home!

Siegfried & Roy.

Original Mouseketeers.

Willow as Wayne from Wayne's World.

Willow has even been the little old lady from Pasadena.

And the sailor on the Cracker Jacks box.

Here's Willow as Inspector Gadget.

This is our favorite ... Red from Orange Is the New Black!

Here she is as the Trump Tower climber.

As a contestant on Survivor.

And even cut a rug as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars!

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Source: Instagram