Meet Nutmeg, The Worlds Oldest Cat Who Just Turned 31

By Amanda Cooper Oct 6, 2016

Say hello to Nutmeg ... the oldest cat in the world after recently reaching 31.
Liz and Ian Finlay were introduced to Nutmeg in 1990 by their other cat Spice, who passed away in 2002. The couple, who don’t have children, decided to adopt the tabby as their own.
Nutmeg made himself right at home, and the rest is history.
Nutmeg’s owners say the secret to their cat’s long life is being spoiled rotten. Nutmeg may be 141 in cat years, but don't let that fool you - he's still young at heart. He has been very well cared for, and he even has his own room in the house.
"He is grumpier now, and his meow is more like a growl" - Liz Finlay
Although the tabby has just three teeth left and no longer ventures outside, his owners insist that he is still going strong.

This is Nutmeg. Nutmeg is a very, very old cat.


Nutmeg celebrated his 31st birthday in style with a purrfect cake!

Liz and Ian Finlay took Nutmeg in back in 1990 as a stray who befriended their own cat.

Nutmeg loves to snack on tuna, cream and hot roast chicken and his owners love spoiling him rotten.

Last year Nutmeg suffered from a serious stroke, but now he is up again...

... Making us wonder: how many lives does this cat have?

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Source: Thesun